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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bio Char

Our Wood Heater yields a bucket of ash and charcoal every morning We've been keeping it and building up a stockpile until the end of the cold season. Initially it's scooped into a steel bucket and later when cool stored in feed bags. Once the warmer weather has arrived the Chipper/Mulcher is relocated away from the house and all the collected ash and charcoal is fed into the Chipper/Mulcher. A large feed back is used to catch the fine material. We wear a face mask when operating for this process because the dust is fine and prolific. All the collected material is stored in a plastic drum and used liberally on the vegetable garden and especially when building the NZ Compost. Our wood heater yielded almost 200 litres of material last cold season.

Charcoal in the Fireplace

Charcoal Cooled and Bagged

Mulched Ash

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