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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage Recording

One of the most useful tools for me has been maintaining a Vintage Book i.e. notes from the year as well as specific notes on each wine with dates, fermenting times, methods, pH, temperatures, sugar, yields etc. As much detail as possible. It is very useful when tasting the wine later to see the effects of small changes. The other important part is setting out a vintage plan i.e. which varieties to be picked and volumes. As the picking day approaches a decision is made on which yeast may be the most suitable and which wood if any will be used. The yeast choice is a bit haphazard. It is influenced by which yeast may have been used last vintage as well as grape maturing conditions and particular flavours to be extracted. It's just as well the  some planning takes place as you can imagine the chaos that would ensue without planning. Too many grapes and not enough storage capacity. As it is there has been a little scope creep each year, especially when a new and tantalising grape variety is offered. A close look at the 2013 Plan shows a goal of 350 Kilograms but an Actual picking of 443 Kilograms.

Vintage Book

Wine Making Notes

2013 Vintage Plan

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