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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chainsaw - Electric Start

Some time ago we were given a small chainsaw by a neighbouring farmer because it wasn't working well i.e. the chain brake would engage as soon as any load was applied. It was one of those cheap Chinese models that they give away with bulk purchases of farm products. Fixing the brake didn't take long and it turned out to be quite a good saw.

However we were warned that these cheap items don't last long and you can't buy spare parts. The latest problem was the starter cord mechanism which broke into two pieces. After much fiddling with alternatives and a long think, the solution came in a dream (well not quite but I was in bed). A modification to the pulley mechanism adding a shaft (in this case a small bolt).

The result is an electric start chainsaw i.e. using a cordless drill attached to the modified starter, the mechanism is inserted into the chainsaw and the drill run in reverse and bingo the saw starts and the mechanism withdrawn.

The only critical thing to remember is to have the chain brake ON until both hands are back on the saw.

That has delayed the outlay for a new chainsaw a bit longer.

Detachable Electric Start

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  1. What a great idea I think I will try this with my old saw. Thanks for sharing