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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tempranillo and Chambourcin, Petit Verdot

The Tempranillo was 11.4 Baume and pH of 3.63. About 10% good quality whole bunches were left at the bottom of the fermenter and the rest run through the crusher destemmer. Overnight the temperature was lowered to 10 degrees C. This morning approximately 5 litres of juice was drained off to make rose and increase the skin to juice ratio.

Have been trying to leave the Chambourcin to the last minute to maximise sugar and skin colour. The weather has been cool in the Hunter and ripening has been slow. The weather beat me though as heavy rain was forecast for the weekend. Picked on Thursday and got 40 kilograms. Was expecting 50-60. Last year there was 120 but this year I pinched out the second flower on each spur hoping for better maturity. Well the sugar level was 23.5 Baume and pH was 3.5. Couldn’t have asked for a better result. After 24 hours the juice is almost black. Started fermentation immediately with BDX yeast and some nutrient. Once it was all going I bled off a couple of litres for Rose and put the lot into the freezer to bring down to 21-24 C range. This is very exciting.

Up at 4 am to pick some Shiraz from a vineyard an hour away. About an acre of vines was being left because of bird pick and botrytis but there were plenty of good bunches to selectively pick. Took off 65 kilograms and was then told that there was a suspicion that this was not Shiraz but could well be Petit Verdot. It was being DNA tested at the moment. What great news if it is Petit Verdot, yet another variety to play with. Got it fermenting with BDX yeast and the next morning bled off 5 litres for Rose and started chilling it.

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