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Sunday, June 9, 2013


A full days work in the winery. Pressed the Muscat and made three batches. One with American Oak chips, one with French Oak chips and one with no oak chips. All into glass with airlocks. As the pressing progressed the juice became redder and redder. I tried to share the colour with each batch. By last night all batches had commenced bubbling with CRU 56 yeast, the first of three instalments of yeast nutrient added and the refrigeration was set to start after midnight.

 The Shiraz had been carefully picked to exclude bunches with botrytis but just in case it had 80ppm of sulphur added. After an overnight chilling to 10 degrees C about 12% of the liquid was drained off for Rose and BDX yeast added along with some yeast nutrient. Again by late last night fermentation had commenced and a time was set to kick off the refrigeration in the early hours.

The Merlot was in good shape but as it will receive extended time on skins post fermentation, 50ppm sulphur was added. The same process as for the Shiraz was followed.

The sulphur is being added at the vineyard as there is at least an hours drive afterwards to get home after the last batch is picked and the grapes can get quite warm in the drums on the back of the ute.
As of this morning everything was fermenting nicely and the freezers cooling the batches slowly down to the 15-18 degrees.

 The Pinot was two thirds through its sugar and the last instalment of nutrient was added and refrigeration turned off. Hopefully it will peak out at 25 degrees C and all the sugar consumed over the next few days. Weather conditions are quite mild in the 21-25 range.
Everything clean and tidy in the cellar and paperwork up to date. Peace at last – for the moment.

The Muscat is Hamburg. Must have had a rush of blood to bother with this but the fruit looked so enticing, large berries like Spanish olives, black skin and in big bunches. Unfortunately all the books recommend this for table grapes or port. Still I'll have a go at something even if it is just for fun. They are crushed and destemmed and have been chilling overnight. I thought a dry rose if some colour can be extracted from the skins. The sugar level is not overly high and the pH pretty good. Might even try some oak in a small batch to see the effect. I've used oak in previous Rose to good effect.

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