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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice Cream

These are some things we know about ice-cream:
  • More milk means harder and more crystalline structure than those with more cream.
  • No egg whites (save (or freeze) those for your meringue or feed them to the dogs)
  • sugar controls softness
  • too much sugar won't freeze
  • too little sugar and it needs an axe to cut

We use this recipe (from the Sunbeam Ice-cream making Machine book) with excellent success:

4 egg yolks, raw

125g dextrose

200ml raw cream

200ml raw milk

Beat raw eggs and dextrose together until the eggs are pale. Then add the cream and milk and beat together using your electric mixer. You will have to stop the machine and, using a spatula, ensure all the thick egg/dextrose base is mixed in. Whip all this until it is fairly light and fluffy (a couple of minutes) . To hasten the final ice cream mixing stage, put this mixture, in its bowl, into the freezer for about 1.5 hours.

After this time has elapsed, set up your ice cream machine, get the mixture out of the freezer and whip it again using your electric mixer until it is light and fluffy. Then pour this mixture into your ice cream machine and churn.

Once it is finished churning, this will depend on how your machine works, pour straight into your container and freeze.

We have never had a problem using this method (we have a Sunbeam Ice Cream machine). We find this recipe makes a delicious rich ice cream. You can just add any flavourings or ingredients you want to this. We have added 1. honey and Cinnamon, 2. organic green tea powder, sometimes called Matcha and 3. pureed fruit...

This recipe is easier than the custard based recipe, it's richer, more delicious and has better texture than the custard based and is more nutritious because nothing is cooked. This recipe is so nice that you will have no problem sacrificing eggs although we tend to make it in the warmer months when eggs are more plentiful and a cold dessert is better appreciated.
Sunbeam Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream in Progress

Green Tea on the left and Raspberry on the right

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