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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kim Chi and Sauerkraut

Found a good recipe for Kim Chi "How to Make Kim Chi". Tested it today but because the Chinese Cabbage (Wong Bok) wasn't ready used a normal cabbage with great success. Even though it is only just made it already tastes fantastic. Will definitely be making a lot more. Didn't have any apple or pear to add the final garnish but will try that another time. Possibly this variety of Cabbage which we forgot to record has its own sweetness.

The Sauerkraut technique is from a Russian country girl who lived on a farm near Smolensk before WW2. Her family made barrels of this each year to see them through the Winter. Very simple, just cut up the cabbage into strips add just enough salt so that you can taste the salt and scrunch the cabbage until it is well bruised and oozing liquid. Put it into a glass jar, stuffing it in with a wooden spoon so that no air holes can be seen. Put a glass jar on top with some weight so that the cabbage is covered with its own liquid and leave it for about a week to ferment then seal the jar and refrigerate - it is ready to eat but will keep forever. Three variations than can be tried are 1) a table spoon or two of finely chopped carrot. 2) Caraway seeds to taste. 3) Dill seeds.
Chopping Cabbage for Sauerkraut - by not making it as fine as the shop bought product a better mouth feel can be achieved.

Sauerkraut Beginning Ferment

Kim Chi freshly made

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