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Sunday, June 23, 2013


We had to travel to Gloucester on Friday to pick up a part for our wood heater. It is only about 80 kilometres away and a pleasant drive usually except for the occasional driver who thinks the double unbroken lines in the middle of the road don't apply to them and that uphill blind corners are best for overtaking. This behaviour only seems to occur on this stretch of road. But with the appropriate caution the trip can be made safely.

Anyway the reason Gloucester is so important is that its contains a small country supermarket which carries the finest range of cheeses outside a metropolitan area and the cheeses are reasonably priced. There are not just Australian cheeses but samples from all over the world. This trip we picked up some tasting samples of Roquefort, Pecorino, soft creamy French Goat, Picante Provolone and a tasty Spanish Queso Manchego. With so much cheese at home it may seem crazy to buy more but how else do you compare your own efforts to the real thing. We've been playing with Provolone this week and is was important to fix a style in our heads. The other purchases were just because we couldn't help ourselves.

How annoying that most of the ones we really enjoy are based on sheep's milk. Just need to find a few lactating sheep. Can't be that hard can it. Some time ago we did find some organic sheep's milk in Tasmania but they wanted $15/litre plus $100 freight.

Maybe this will just have to stay a dream.

Samples for testing Tasting

Our Provolone Test Run

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