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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are you prepared? Another NZ compost finished, Swimming

Preparedness i.e. Self Sufficiency

While plugging away at a maintenance task the mind turned to self sufficiency because the podcast playing was about in the event of a disaster not becoming a victim and depending on outside help when outside help may be preoccupied with others.

If there is a bad flood, fire or storm are we capable of continuing on without dependence on outside help for at least a couple of weeks?

The generator is fuelled and ready and has been tested in the last month. The extension leads are all lined up with power boards and there is adequate stored fuel for some weeks. There is one spare large gas bottle for the stove as well as the BBQ and bottle.

The garden is bursting with produce, the pantry has more than adequate supplies for months to come and the freezers have long term supplies. There is enough variety so that it does not become boring. We can even feed the neighbours.

The water tanks are near full and two have been turned off. The dam is near full. When a potential event is approaching we fill up lots of water containers and the bath tub.

Well there is the house, La Cave, and a choice of sheds on the property. In the  event of a major fire there is a neighbours dairy cottage, the studio and house across the river and a close friends unoccupied granny flat. Adequate options. We are too high up to be affected by flood waters. We have adequate room to assist others.

There are first aid kits in the bathroom, in the workshop and in one of the work bags. CPR refresh is up to date. No one is taking any medications so all that is needed is some pain killers in the first aid kit.

The chainsaw is stored fuelled and sharpened. There are a number of tarpaulins in storage, the ropes and tie downs bag is handy, the vehicles are fuelled and serviced. When fire season starts we organise our backpacks with items for an extended absence and the financials are always in a carry bag.

NZ Compost

Finished off the NZ compost that was started a few days ago. Most of the Broccoli and a Kale had finished and gone to seed. The leaves were chucked into the bin whole and the stems run through the chipper side of the mulcher. Because they are so green they block the output grill if it isn't removed first. As we had acquired some more Lettuce seedlings a section of garden bed was also weeded and the Plumbago trimmed. All this provided some more layers along with mulch hay, some bio char and the bedding from an earlier compost. There was still some room remaining and so out came the mower and some mown clover finished the job. The calendar was marked for a complete turning in five weeks.
The latest NX compost bin
Freshly planted Lettuce


After resetting the irrigator across the river a swim finished the day off. The pool manager was coaxed into the pool and we did 20 (25 metre) laps on 4o seconds. Much better to do this with some one else so that you aren't tempted to give up early. After a hot sweaty day what a pleasure to dunk into the cool water and of course a sense of achievement after some enforced exercise.

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