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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting Ready for Summer (and Winter)

Most of today was spent cutting down (and up) the last of the trees that were too close to the house. When saying the last i.e. the last that had been marked for removal. It was more an exercise in thinning out the regrowth.

Safely on the ground

The thinning will allow the tractor through that area for slashing and reduce the fuel load around the house. Only one large tree was removed because it was right beside the water tanks and there was a risk of it cracking one of the concrete tanks or just as bad falling on the tanks in a bad southerly.

The first few metres of this one to be kept for some woodworking project with the ends painted to prevent cracking

There were some trees left behind. One in particular is a Spotted Gum that looks like it has been there for hundreds of years. The others left untouched seem to be favoured by the local Koalas.

A very old Spotted Gum with some damage after a limb came down

Making sure the trees didn't drop onto fences or water tanks involved ropes and straps tensioned to encourage the right direction for the fall. All went well without any damage to property.

Once everything was on the ground the thicker parts of the trunk were cut into firewood and the thinner limbs into longer pieces (just laziness). These will dry over this Summer and next and should be ready for use the following Winter.

The only chainsaw on hand (and working) is the big saw and after several hours of waving it about the arms and shoulders felt the effort. Looking forward to the swimming season commencing soon to build up the strength after a lazy Winter.

A very powerful chainsaw but not suitable to cutting smaller pieces for firewood

Tomorrow we will start stacking the firewood on pallets for drying and the foliage will be stacked ready to be run through the mulcher/chipper and used around the garden.

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