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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Relaxing Saturday

Well almost a relaxing Saturday. We were invited to lunch with friends about 40 minutes drive away in another valley but that didn't mean we couldn't do a few chores before hand.

One of the problems with our outdoor eating area is that in Summer until the sun moves well past midday the sun shines at an angle under the shade cloth making it unpleasant to sit on one side of the table. On those days a tarpaulin has been dragged up on the roof and draped over the pergola to provide shade. This solution can't be made permanent as there are garden beds which would not appreciate the long term shade.

Recently at the recycling shop at Dungog dump we came across a 3 metre wide wind up awning. The awning was no good but the aluminium cylinder with its spring loaded retracting mechanism was working perfectly. A good buy at $5. This week we visited the hardware store and acquired a 3 metre x 3 metres UV stabilised Tarpaulin and consequently this morning some time was devoted to affixing it to the cylinder and testing.

Well that was the easy bit. After an examination of the pergola it was obvious that age and weather had taken its toll some refurbishment work would need to be performed. And then of course the end supports would need to be fabricated. So with end supports designed, a materials list was completed and that will sit until another visit to the metal merchant. A review of the pergola and a reconstruction plan was devised and again that was put aside until another visit to the hardware store.

Next task was to shower and change and head off to our lunch via a quick visit to the supermarket to collect some dog and cat food which was in short supply.

Well lunch was marvellous. Just the two of us, our two friends one of their mothers aged 91 (and in good shape). Things started well with Mumm champagne and smoked Salmon and only got better with a lavishly expensive and aged red wine and a series of dishes designed to address both vegetarians and carnivores. Finishing off with two of our raw milk cheeses. Lots of wide ranging discussions and plenty of laughter. Living the good life. Should be more of it.

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