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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spring is really at full steam

With visitors arriving this afternoon for drinks the house cleaning is all done and the yard and gardens almost finished. All looking good.

The peacock staying out of the sun and out of the way of the machinery
The lawn clippings are being combined with other materials into yet another NZ compost.

A work in progress
The beautiful sunny day is ideal for drying the next batch of coffee pips which have been soaking to get off the remaining flesh.

Drying coffee beans
With visitors on the way a fresh loaf of sourdough is rising in the sun. Having sat overnight it needs that last little finishing lift.

Sourdough in the background
Garden looking tidy (for once) with the Artichokes well advanced 
We had our first artichokes last night. The plants all look healthy and we are looking forward to a bumper year. All this hot dry weather is keeping any pests and diseases at bay.

Tomorrow nights Broad Bean Bruschetta awaiting harvest
Some Broad Beans are awaiting harvest, Again the hot dry weather has kept them very healthy.

It was a fabulous day with all the jobs done. How very satisfying to have gotten up early and steadily worked away washing, cleaning, mowing, pruning, edging, composting and making food. These are those deeply satisfying days when you finally sit down there is this amazing sense of achievement and progress.

And we finally did sit down at 4 with our visitors and celebrated the day and their company with home made wine (2012 Sparkling Semillon, 2013 un-oaked Semillon, 2012 Tannat) and food (Taramasalata, Greek meat balls with Oregano and Mint, Socca, Silverbeet and Radicchio Quiche and two cheeses Provolone and Havarti with freshly made biscuits). After sunset there were farewells, a quick clean-up and restful sleep.

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