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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Financial preparedness, Cattle

Things are a bit tight for the cattle with the hot and dry weather continuing. Most days they are getting their bale of Lucerne which they devour quickly. They are maintaining condition. So it seems that between the slim pickings in the paddock which would now be mainly just roughage and the Lucerne they are getting enough. Today was one of those horrendous windy days with temperatures at 37 degrees C. Great bush fire weather in early Spring.

Hector on the left and Warren on the right, Hector never speaks. Warren is known as whinging Warren. They are never apart.

Martinique the prettiest heifer. Always keeps her eye on the two boys. They always do as she says and she loves and protects them


One important aspect of preparedness is money. If you rely on employment to keep life ticking over it is important to examine what your situation would be should that employment end suddenly. Can you survive for 6 months or a year? Do you have a back up income earning option?

Throughout our lives we have always been conservative in the finance side of things and never taken out too large a house loan and worked towards paying off the mortgage as quickly as possible. We always kept substantial savings to enable us to replace the car on short notice without borrowing and enough money to live frugally for a year should we both be unemployed. Non of that ever happened but we never ever experienced worry about the future.

Even with investments we maintained a conservative approach never borrowing excessively for investment property. Keeping superannuation balanced between shares, property and cash. Even the shares were spread across different sectors. Never ever followed the investments offering those big returns. A nice steady rate of return in highly dependable areas.

This approach never made us millionaires. It did not lead us to lose our life savings in some dubious scheme. It did allow us to cease full time work a lot earlier and be financially but frugally independent. We still work part time but that time is at our choosing and at the intensity that suits us and the money just builds our savings.


  1. I like your attitude. We don't feel comfortable with owing money either. It makes life feel much more stable knowing the rug can't be pulled from under you! The economy feels too uncertain at the moment and I feel it's more shaky than people realise.

    1. Thanks Linda, It's good to know there are other people out there with similar views. I remember someone saying that the only person interested in your financial future is yourself.