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Friday, September 6, 2013

Tomatoes, Pumps, Cattle and things

Our cattle were moved this morning into a fresh cell in what is known as the Big Dam Paddock. They should get about 2-3 days of green pick before needing to be fed with the new Lucerne. They really appreciated the change of cell. Heads down and eating immediately especially the green growth around the water's edge.

Warren and Hector munching on reeds. The two boys are never too far away from each other.
While down at the dam the two pumps were started. All the vegetable beds get a light water every day to maintain moisture. The grapes are in bud burst and flowering and they received their weekly drink. Rain appears to be very far away possibly some decent showers in October but who knows. Honda engines are the most amazing pieces of engineering. The oldest we own is nearly 20 years old and still starts first pull. It does blow a lot of smoke at first but just keeps going. The oil needs topping up most times but that's a minor inconvenience. The wonderful thing about these piston pumps which the engines drive is the reliability, indestructability and ease of maintenance. It takes less than 15 minutes to replace the leather cups which gradually wear out usually one set per pump per year sometimes less.

The 20 year old 5 HP Honda engine

The dynamic duo in operation
The vibrating intake pipes show if the pumps are working ok. That is smoke not mist as the oldest Honda warms up.

An indication of dryness is the falling dam level. It is down just under a metre after the driest few months of the year.

Difficult to see but this is the receding shoreline.
The Tomato bed progresses. The three tiers of mesh have been erected and now its up to the Tomatoes to do their bit. All the vine mounds have their chicken litter piled on as well. A wonderfully productive day.

Trellising Complete
Jean went out to Karuah and picked up some oysters. They didn't have any Sydney Rock ready and we ended up with Pacific. These are fine and easier to open but I can see why everyone raves about the Sydney Rock Oyster. There is a huge difference in flavour and texture. Either way we received a good dose of Zinc, Iron, Iodine and Omega 3. I'm sure there was some health benefit in the half bottle of Home Hill Farm Sparkling Semillon that we shared over the oysters.

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