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Friday, September 20, 2013

Of irrigators and dentists

The irrigator across the river has been out of action for a week now. After a false start i.e. wrong part being sent the completely new spray nozzle arrived except... It was sent as a bare unit i.e. no jets. No problem as this is a complete replica of the ancient spray which is broken and all the jets can be transferred across. No such luck. It all looks the same but the threads are different. After endless fiddling, trying different adaptors and even giving thought to cutting new thread it boiled down to just removing the new clapper from the spray and putting it on the old spray gun. And too much surprise it all worked.

The clapper with the broken end and the cause of a lot of grief. Just as well there was 20 mm of rain this week to take the pressure of making grass grow.
The spray unit
Just as an aside while all this fiddling was going on a large number of small rocks were discovered in the barrel of the old spray. I wonder how long they had been there. Better make sure the irrigator hoses are blown clear before any future connection and it won't hurt to dismantle and service the irrigator from time to time.

So after 3 hours of fiddling about it was time to go off to the dentist ( a 2 hour round trip) and see about a tooth with a crumbling filling.

While making the appointment with the receptionist:

John "Should I make an extended appointment in case it requires a crown?"

Receptionist "No, doctor will make time if it's needed and we can fit you in this Friday"

Dentist (on Friday) "It will need a crown"

John "Lets start now"

Dentist "I don't have enough time now, you will have to come back for a one hour session but it will be in the next week or two"

John "grunt"

Dentist "I'll put in a temporary filling until then to make it comfortable"

John (visions of $200 with wings)  "Don't worry about the filling its not bothering me"

Dentist " It needs to be protected from further damage"

John "grunt"

Receptionist (later) "I'm sorry we can't fit you in for three weeks"

John "That will do. How much do I owe for this visit?"

Receptionist " It says no charge, that can't be right let me go and check"

Receptionist (later) " No that is right doctor says no charge"

So, not a bad Friday after all. And the irrigator ran fine all day. Sat outside and watched the sun set with sparkling wine and smoked Salmon.

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