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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring is one of the busiest times of year

A few of the fruit trees needed water today. Still no rain and the Avocado tree has flowered and looking a bit limp. Out came a hose and one of our many watering stands. The shallower rooted trees such as Citrus all received a water.  Rather than water all the trees with the central irrigation system we chose only those trees absolutely in need. With these selective watering's we use a 360 degree spray which applies the water gently over a couple of hours and over a large area.

Steady progress all day weeding and mulching and planting. Used the accumulation of weeded material to start a new compost. This year we made 4 composts and all bar one have been used. Number 5 is underway. When the weeding's have been used any additional green mater can be collected with the push mower and catcher. There was plenty of dry material, We cleaned up the hay shed when the Lucerne was stacked and also the loose material from where the cattle were feeding.

Bin of  portable watering sprays

Portable watering spray


I don't know if anyone else has experienced the following. Sometimes when shopping for groceries we'll come across a product which is really good. For example Coconut Cream which is just Coconut material with none of the other additives such as water, emulsifiers or thickeners. You buy a couple and then the next time you need some it has disappeared - no longer stocked or just out of stock for a couple of months. So annoying.

Well our solution has been to buy a few extra of any really good products which we use frequently and keep a stock of them. This worked out well with Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Only one brand had the larger most economical 375 gram jar. We always kept 3 or 4 jars in the pantry. It went out of stock everywhere when it was substituted by an alternative brand with Sunflower Oil. Only the small very expensive jars of EVOO were on offer. Luckily we had plenty in stock and then 3 months later our preferred product re-appeared.

The pantry in the La Cave  is a mix of home bottled and bulk bought items (as well as equipment)

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