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Monday, June 16, 2014


The Pumpkin Patch has experienced a major set back. We had already harvested a crop and then the mild Autumn resulted in the vines taking off and running amuck with an even bigger crop. The main fruit was a local Dry Pumpkin a wonderfully long keeper and some additional Mosque de Provence also made a comeback. Some had hardened off and were ready to harvest but most were almost there.

Then The cattle broke in yesterday. Not their fault. I'd become lazy and hadn't flicked the switch and turned on the electric fence around the patch. Not much harm done. A few Pumpkins eaten and a little trampling of the vines.

Then overnight they broke in again. I hadn't fully checked the fence perimeter and there was a major short in the farthest corner. This time they made a meal of it. Well and truly a meal. They ate all the giant Mosque de Provence and quite a few drys. The worst part was they trampled the vines.

There are still enough pumpkins remaining to keep us out of trouble but probably over half of the bumper crop is gone.

Just in case you're asking the cattle were very full. They had a great time not only with the Pumkins but also cleaning up all the weed and grass growth.

So the lesson is never not have the fence energised and always test the voltage to make sure it has a sufficient kick. Complacency results in devastation.


  1. Cattle are so sneaky! They would have enjoyed that feast!

    1. They did enjoy it. They were so full I thought they might get sick but no such luck instead they sat around chewing cud and looking very pleased for a long time.