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Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Do What You Can, Because You Can

We look after a small beef cattle property across the river for the owner who lives in Sydney. It is his hobby farm and he attends every weekend to do all those farm things like fencing, cattle work, tractor work, vegetable garden and enjoying the rural life style before heading home every Sunday afternoon to prepare for the weeks paid work.

He was chasing me by telephone on Friday and it took a few calls before we caught up with each other. He hadn't left a message as to the reason for wanting a chat but I assumed he may have had something come up and needed me to fill in at the farm on the Saturday.

But no, he wanted to discuss replacing the farm ute with a new vehicle. There were a few options he was looking at and wanted to pass them by me. He started by saying we needed a dual cab so that Nikki our dog with a recovering neck injury could sit inside. Now you probably wonder why someone would bother tailoring a work vehicle, which is almost exclusively used by the part time farm labourer, to the farm labourers dogs. As a matter of fact why does a part time farm labourer get a company car? But then that isn't the point of this story.

The deal was done on Sunday with a shiny new 4WD Toyota Hilux to be delivered in two weeks time when the tray is built and affixed.

And did he get a good trade in on the outgoing, nothing wrong with it, 2005 ute? Well no. The out going ute is being kept.

The boss has a friend going back to his school days who is experiencing significant financial difficulty. To make ends meet the friend started a lawn mowing business but someone then stole his ute.

The outgoing farm ute is being allocated to his friend until the friend gets back on his feet.


The friend had always lived a good and generous life but through bad luck and inexperience has had a number of set backs. At this moment he needs a boost to lift his spirits in a difficult period.

The boss said "you do what you can because you can".


  1. That sort of stuff makes my day. One of our near neighbours was recently widowed and is struggling to get on her feet. Our 'family' is pitching in wherever possible at the moment until things get better. It is just a little bit to each of us but a great deal to her. You a very fortunate to have such a decent human being as a neighbour.

    1. When someone does something like that it always reminds me to stop complaining about the little things and think about am I doing enough for others. Good on you for helping another in a difficult time.