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Monday, April 7, 2014

And the Mice will Play

No mice available but the chores continue.

Jean headed off to Benalla at 7 am with her friend and the friend's daughter who was being dropped off in Sydney. The trip to Benalla from here takes about 10 hours but they will stop at Mittagong for coffee and probably some lunch which adds a bit more time.

In the interim after they left it was across the river for me to move the cows and harrow the paddocks. Returning home before 10 and feeling a bit stiff from all the swimming program of the last few days a yoga session was in order. And It made a big difference. Progressively during the day the visitors beds were stripped and load after load of washing was completed between other jobs. Rain was threatening and the car removed from the carport and the washing strung out under cover.

There were a number of seedlings ready for transplanting which went into previously prepared beds. So much easier to keep the vegetables going with a two step process I. e. weed and prepare beds in advance. The soil was moist and full of worms from the earlier compost addition. Onion seeds, Kohl Rabi, Kale and Spinach seedlings all done.

By midday feeling a bit weary there was a brief nap and then down to the pool for another session. Not as many laps but we made up for that by doing some shorter times. The pool manager wasn't keen to go in the water but a bit of nagging work fine.

Back home to feed the chickens and take down some temporary electric fences that were in the Nuttery to keep the cows off  some of the more delicious trees. Avocado seems to attract cattle like nothing else. They had done an excellent job of knocking back the long grass and all that needs doing now is a light slashing when there is dry day to get rid of some weeds.

Time seemed to pass quickly today. Lots of chores completed although the list still looks long. The failing light drove me inside to prepare a light meal and watch a short DVD before retiring early for a short reading session and blissful sleep. The DVD was an episode of the Janet King series. She is a British barrister. As with a lot of series the producers tend to fill the story line with various boring side shows but the main story is what is interesting. Each show explores the various prosecutions and defences which can test the moral and ethical codes of the individual barristers. Always fascinating to observe the challenges of different scenario and their outcomes.

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