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Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspirational Work Environment

At last some spare time provided an opportunity to commence the clean up of the workshop aka Shed of Inventions.

The surprising thing about cleaning up is that once underway you wonder why you didn't get around to it earlier because it doesn't take all that much effort. This time of year is just perfect for workshop based events. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

A quick whip around the floor winding up extension leads and putting away or aside any major items then a good sweep through all the uncluttered areas. Now that the chicken food has been moved to its own shed near the chicken run some uncluttering was in order making it much easier to navigate the workshop.

Any tools still sitting out were put back into their assigned space. An interesting phenomena is that when a tool is not put into its assigned place it is difficult to find. The Stanley knife (box cutter) has been missing for a while. That is because it was not hung back onto its hook but put on the shelf below. Over time the mind has placed a firm map in place and every tool is reached for by a pre programmed hand. No conscious thought involved. Change the location and even thought that tool is only inches away  it is impossible to see.

So well went the cleaning that motivation increased to the point that at least two of the many repair jobs set aside were undertaken whilst cleaning up. A rivet gun repaired and reassembled and one of a pair of safety work boots had its sole re-adhered.

Time ran out and off to lunch with friends but the eagerness to get back is in the heart. A little start has energised the enthusiasm to spend more time repairing and cleaning. On the next visit the workshop vacuum cleaner will get a workout clearing those broom inaccessible places and another repair job or two will be attempted.

A clean and tidy workplace is a real pleasure.

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