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Saturday, April 12, 2014


There was a lot planned for today. Not having to go across the river to move cattle returned a couple of hours to the time wallet and jumping out of bed at 5 am didn't hurt one little bit.

A trip to Raymond Terrace was needed. Library books to return and some to collect, some financial transactions needed to be done face to face at the building society and a some shopping was in order.

Kitchen cleaned and chores all done by 7.30 and off to town. Having failed to adhere to any fast days this week it seemed like a good time to fit in at least one.

Back home by 10.30 to put everything away and have a cup of tea while doing this. Then it was back to shed construction. By 2 pm (and still no food) three sides were assembled and out on the construction site set aside. Being a lightweight shed made from what appears to be the silver material found in cigarette packets a little bracing against the southerly winds was completed as well as some tent pegging around the base.

Still no food but time to go to the pool. The pool guy is a sadist. As we touched the wall on the last of the 35 second laps ( a bracket of 6)  i.e. completing the 34th lap of the day and having gone all out to race that last lap he shouts out "two more". Facing certain death I thrashed my way up and back one more time. A brief respite and then 4 more laps but on 30 seconds. Recovery and a cup of tea and chat followed. Good feeling that the heart didn't cease functioning. I'm sure all the accumulated fat has now abraded off the walls because of the massive blood flow required to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

Back home and strangely not feeling hungry it felt like a good idea  to continue on the shed. A little more bracing went in and the last two fixed panels for the front. That leaves only the roof and door.

A very healthy meal that night with lots of water and just a little wine. Some steamed baby choko with Olive Oil, salt and pepper then a lightly fried compote of Bitter Melon, Shallot and Bok Choi with Fish Sauce and followed by an omelette with Sweet Potato as a base and sprinkled heavily with chopped Radicchio. Finally a treat of yogurt, Almonds and honey. A cup of Dandelion brew with a piece of homemade chocolate and off to bed. Reading failed and sleep took priority.

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