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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beach Day

Being Nikki's birthday and also being some time since we took the dogs for a drive to the beach, today was the day. Not an easy task to perform.

The contract fencer the boss across the river employs wanted to work today and needed some direction. That was 7 am to 8 am. While there the cows were moved and the paddock harrowed. Home via a friend to drop of the innards of a front loading washing machine (free to good home) that was in our workshop. He wants to build a rotating  brazier with it.

Just enough time to change and head down to the pool for the last day of torture with the pool manager. Must be catching up with us as we both perform sluggishly but are pleased with three weeks hard work.

After making a thermos of coffee and lashing a scone each with butter and honey we pack the dogs and go to Hawkes Nest. We had forgotten it was school holidays and the sunny warm day has attracted crowds to the shoreline. Coffee and scone at the Winda Woppa end of the town. The only sensible thing is to go to the Golf Club end where dogs (and 4WDs) are allowed. There are more 4WDs than dogs but our kids have a ball.

Lisa saying how great it is to be at the beach

Because they haven't been for a while the walk is short but tiring for them. They get packed back in the car taken home via the oyster man.

Once home they just flop down completely exhausted. Nothing like a drive and a few hours at the beach to tire you out.



Birthday boy Nikki

We don't feel all that energetic either. The oysters are delicious.

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