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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Autumn Planting

The last few days have been consumed (not entirely) with planting seeds and a few seedlings.

There were a few seedlings in the nursery that went out i.e a couple of Kale and some more Kohl Rabi (most of the previous planting were eaten).

Kale and Kohl Rabi seedlings

A punnet of Coriander we picked up last week and a punnet of tricolour Spinach from Aldi. The Spinach was a bit straggly but it was an opportunity to get a head start. As a backup a row of Spinach seeds also went into the ground.

Tricolour Spinach and Coriander

Climbing Snow peas are in and have emerged despite something digging in the bed. A few potatoes have gone into the area in front of the peas. An area next to the snow peas has been dug over to remove the Nut grass and a good stand of Broad Beans planted.

Broad Beans at the back, Potatoes on the right and the Snow Peas on the left with their climbing strings and protective mesh

Snow Peas Germinated

An attempt is being made to germinate onion seed in situ. Onion seed is a mystery to us and usually we end up buying advanced seedlings. They seem to be a touchy seed losing viability quickly and germination rates very poor but then that could just be our lack of knowledge on how to get the best out of them. We try every year. It didn't help when Belle the cat decided to use one of the onion plots as a toilet stop.

Belle (fully recovered from the tick bite) awoken from slumbers after digging up the Onion seeds

A row of Onion seeds fitted into a spare section

In went a row of shallot seeds, these are a good standby in place of onions. Some Radish seeds and a row of Pak Choi seeds.

Beetroot seed were soaked in Boron overnight and they've gone in as well as some Carrot seeds and a small stand of Rocket (Arugula).

Carrots covered in plastic to aid germination alongside Beetroot, Radish and Pak Choi

Finally, a large section of green manure crop has been chopped with the hedge trimmer and dug in with some well matured compost and lime. When Jean returns next week from Benalla she will want to plant out the annual Garlic crop.

The Garlic bed prepared and in the top right just barely visible is the Peacock inspecting the workmanship

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