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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still at the Pool

That is 6 continuous days at the pool. Although we are sitting on 40 laps and plan to stay there we aren't counting the 5 or so extra laps that I'm doing while waiting for the pool guy to change into his costume. Only need to survive another week and the pool closes.

The 6th day started with a solo Yoga session at home. The body was a bit stiff and sore from the flogging it's getting. All that stretching helped but I've hit a mental wall. apart from moving cows across the river the heart wasn't in to starting the planned projects for the day. Instead a book that was in progress was finished in time to feed the chickens and head off down to the pool. Worse still it was supposed to be a fast day and that didn't happen. But at least all that was consumed was a hearty leftover salad from last night.

A later start than normal at the pool because one of the schools was in finishing up for the year. After a few threats of violence the pool guy was shamed into the pool. His retaliation was another program of punishing laps. Most of the program is not so bad as we have gained some endurance. However, towards the end when the body is getting tired he slips in laps with 5 seconds shaved off making it just that much harder with less rest time at each end.

The most dreaded sequence is the laps on 30 seconds. These are saved for the end of training when you are at the weakest. We had to do 4 today. The first lap is easy because there has been a couple of minutes rest after the 35 second laps. It only takes 25 seconds to get to the end and 5 seconds rest allows a few deep breaths. The second lap is a lot weaker. Not only are the muscles feeling worked but the heart rate is up and there doesn't seem to be any spare oxygen. Then try swimming 25 meters with a cramp in progress when you are already exhausted. One leg is out of action dragging like an anchor and to get forward progress the arms have to do extra work. 31 seconds to get the 3rd lap over with then turn and try to get the last lap completed in 29 seconds still with a cramp. Stroke rate goes up but the body isn't very happy. 2 seconds late at the end. The cramp is gone but that's no help when you've finished.

There was the offer of a cup of restorative tea but that has to be declined because it's late and milk has to be collected before milking finishes.

All this exercise should help me stay healthy and live longer. But do I want to live longer under these conditions?

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