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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Camembert, Mushrooms, LED and lots of other things

Gradually we have been reducing the volume of Camembert made at any one sitting to making it more often in order to maintain a reasonably steady supply. This involves less than 10 litres of milk which translates to about 10 small rounds. The other modification to our processing is to make some thin rounds and some thick. This serves to spread out the maturity time. We still end up giving a few cheeses away to friends but now it is in a more manageable quantity.



We now have the coffee grounds needed to start the mushrooms but couldn't get any Oyster mushrooms to start the process. In the interim we will use the standard button mushrooms as a trial.

Aldi had another pile of specials which included LED light globes with a decent number of Lumens. We collected a couple more to replace an outside spotlight which is undercover and doesn't need to be waterproof and one in the workshop we use for short term lighting when making a quick visit which negates turning on a bank of fluorescent tubes.

Cobwebs not included

We have been slowly replacing various types of globes with LED. The trick is to use up the ones we already have rather than turn them into landfill unused but at the same time be economical with power usage.

In preparation for the next fire season we've acquired a fire proof storage box (again from Aldi). It's just large enough to hold various critical documents such as Wills, identification documents and financial papers. The shortfall in our fire plan had been what happens if there is a fire and we are not there to take away bag holding these documents.

Fire and waterproof case

A small fire extinguisher and smoke alarm were purchased for the Cave.

Rather than try and do every thing at once we are slowly addressing small parts of our preparedness plan. This spreads out the cost and makes it all manageable (affordable).

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