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Sunday, April 13, 2014


No trouble leaping out of bed at 5 am. There is a lot to do today and Jean is returning from Victoria tomorrow.

The main  job is to finish the shed construction which progressed well. The front wall went up with its door opening and before applying the roof time was spent making sure it was square in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Horizontally it was pretty close and only a little adjustment was necessary before applying tent pegs around the base to secure it all in position. The vertical dimension was more important as the door opening needed to be exactly right so the door could be inserted. Again adjustment was required in the form of packing under one corner. Once it was correct a temporary diagonal brace was screwed into the door way. Once the roof is secured the brace will be redundant.

The door assembly was a little trickier as it had never been assembled by the previous owner but eventually it came together with the correct size. A confession at this point. There were some pieces of material left over. I don't know why as everything looks fine.

The door is quite large and seemed a bit wobbly and cross bracing was applied using some scrap metal in the workshop. Finally some recycled hinges and a door bolt.

The opening and the door were measured a dozen times in the process and the result was a perfect fit. Phew! Hanging the door was no problem. Everything received a good clean with the hose afterwards and then all the chicken food plastic drums were wheeled in.

Job done.

Jean will arrive at Central Station about 7 am and then change trains to catch the earliest one possible to Newcastle. The plan is for her to telephone from Central Station and provide an arrival time for Newcastle. Last year the public telephones were not functioning well and would cut out before she could say more than a few words. Knowing that the earliest she can get to Broadmeadow Station in Newcastle is 9 am means that if she can't telephone for some reason the assumption will be an arrival time of 9 am.

A simple matter of packing a book and waiting. She will have left Benalla last night 10 pm and will be tired and hungry and probably thirsty. It takes about an hour to drive home and rather than wait till then to eat I'll pack a big healthy sandwich.

In preparation yesterday a Biga  was started and in between shed building today a few loaves of Ciabatta were made using strong white flour. A bit naughty but a treat for the returning wife. And to boot there was some success in achieving a crisp crust. A  process of regular misting of the bread as it was baking. Just to make sure it tasted good a test eating was performed by the baker and it received 4 stars of approval.

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