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Friday, May 30, 2014

A Quick Look at the Garden

Just ignore the dates on the photographs, the camera needs resetting.

This is just a random selection from the vegetable patches.

The Garlic is doing well. Some varieties took ages to sprout but now just about all the cloves are up out of the ground.

Although not pictured there are Carrots and Beetroot coming along but in need of a good weeding.

The Turmeric is dying back and will soon be ready for harvest. Looking forward to that as we love fresh Turmeric in our dishes.

The Sweet Potato is keeping us well fed. Finally the white variety has been weeded out and the only one that comes up automatically each year is the Yellow fleshed variety. All it needs each Spring is a good smattering of compost and a weed.

The Climbing Beans need pulling out and more Peas planted.

And the rest in pictures:

Broccoli, some that have been cut already are sprouting again

Broad Beans still a long way to go

Potatoes looking very good, hope it isn't all just foliage

Still getting the odd Zucchini

The everlasting Eggplant

Chinese Cabbage

One of the many many kinds of Radicchio




Green Manure crop in one of the few spare patches

Daikon Radish

Blood Sorrel

Chinese Veg


One of the many Citrus

Surprisingly some late Grapes

Climbing Peas, not our strong point

We found this melon in the outside bed, some how overlooked but still edible


A second crop of Pumpkins

The Pumpkin patch coming back strongly. It must the slow start to Winter. We hope this means these will keep well

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