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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vale Bossy Boots Yard Supervisor

Today was the passing of the much loved Bootsie.

Her full story is here.

Three months ago she suffered a series of strokes which initially left her partially disabled. However Jean spend time with her each day providing physiotherapy and ensuring she ate and drank. The physio worked and she made a remarkable recovery almost returning to her former self. Being a bird of enormous stoicism she never allowed herself to stop foraging or grooming.

As with high metabolism creatures the recovery was short lived and further strokes finally left her almost immobile. Jean cared for until the point where she stopped taking food. At that time it was up to me to ensure a pain free peaceful end.

We are continually reminded of her when we look out to the Orchard and see that almost all our poultry were raised by this magnificent fowl.

Bootsie, may you rest in peace with your many friends and family in the great henhouse in the sky.

We already miss you.

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