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Friday, May 9, 2014

Finished Projects

Just so everyone knows that life isn't just hanging about water pump retailers awaiting repairs.

Jean filled in for me at our work property moving cows, providing guidance to the contract fencer who turned up, transporting the man who delivered a large tractor for use unloading silage next week and even doing the practical work of harrowing a few paddocks. The 80 HP tractor has a set of bale handlers. The property tractor is too small and doesn't have the suitable handlers that won't damage bales. Mind you this is the third time the tractor has been delivered in three weeks. The Delivery truck has failed to arrive on each occasion. The current promise is Monday.

Yesterday the cement mixer was finally assembled and dry tested. Shame to have to dirty it and mix concrete.

The black bowl will show up cement for cleaning off easier

The generator had a few additions. Two waterproof capsules for joining extension cords. A second Residual Current Device to prevent accidental electrocution and the Surge Protection Power Board. This kit of extras will be kept with the generator for quick access and so we don't forget to use them.

Finally the outdoor umbrella has been sitting in the workshop waiting to have its cord replaced. Just one of those jobs that didn't get done for 9 months. But now it is finished and erected in a sunny warm spot for Autumn afternoon teas.

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