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Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden Update

The Parsley doing well

Most of the Garlic is now up but a few of the varieties are either slow or didn't make it

Ginger which we rarely have success but this year looks ok

The Eggplant is still hanging in there

Two rows of Leeks interplanted with some opportunistic lettuce


Asian Veg

I thought this Rocket seed was a bit old and over did the planting

Just a few Potatoes

Peas going very slowly

Broad Beans planted in double rows with each pair 750 mm apart to try and prevent moulds disease later

The Red Radicchio going to seed after months of supply 

Three varieties of Green Radicchio


A bad attack of grubs in the Broccoli but under control




The first crop of Choko on the ground

Sweet Potato

The second crop of Choko

We love our salads of bitter and other greens and accompany every evening meal with a large bowl.

As usual at HHF we have more food than we can consume but the chickens and ducks are happy for us to continue with over supply.

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