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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cement Mixer and other Projects

The main project is progressing well. After giving the mixing bowl a thorough descaling some corrosion was found in the base of the bowl. The underside of the bowl is a moulded into a gear to engage with another angled gear. The corrosion would be a point of weakness and rather than take the risk of a failure it has been repaired with the old Oxy gear. The metal is too thin for my indelicate stick welder but the oxy set is perfect.

The only concern is that my oxy gear which was handed down from my father doesn't have much gas remaining and to refill the cylinders would mean paying a monthly rental on the bottles. I use the oxy set so rarely these bottles have lasted more than 20 years.

The backup plan is to pay for the use of an oxy set that a nearby friend has in his workshop.

Freshly Painted components

Oxy Welding outfit

A line of corrosion in the mixing bowl
Repairs to the pressed metal gear at the base of the mixing bowl.

While having afternoon tea with some friends on Sunday I was given some Acme threads in various forms. I need to replace the threaded screw on the baby wine press. The standard threads I've used have all stripped because of the immense pressure being applied.

Acme threads are designed for this huge pressure but buying some is an issue. It only comes in 12 foot lengths at great cost. All that this project needs is one foot. If these examples are not suitable my fall back position is finding a second hand scissor jack which also uses Acme thread and although it will come in the correct length it may be undersized and bow. I'm sure it can all be sorted out.

Three examples of Acme thread

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