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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cement Mixer Progress Report

In between making a Blue Cheese and planting out some Onion seedlings most of the day was spent on the Cement Mixer refurbishment project.

There is only one spare part that needs replacing but if it is not available it can be fudged. At least the identity of the cement mixer has been established. It is a Lightburn and Co. 1 3/4 cubic foot mixer first manufactured about 1963 - thank you Google.

The main frame has been cleaned, rust treated and two coast of metal paint added. The electric motor is clean, the cowling painted and a new on/off switch installed. This is not a vintage rebuilt project just a refurbishment to get a working machine for home use.

The mixing bowl and supporting hardware has been dismantled and last night all bar the bowl was de-scaled and rust inhibitor added.

A very satisfying project so far.

Just thought this workshop item was worth mentioning.  A bright flexible light and a large magnifying glass. Just perfect for getting a closer look at small components of faded writing. Not saying there is anything wrong with eyesight.

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