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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mixing Bio Dynamic 500

Today was the day to spread BD 500.

The first stage is the mixing using our newly repaired stirring machine. A new motor had been installed and checked that it could rotate in one direction and then the other. Today it was filled with water and tested with a full load. And almost surprisingly it worked first time. The level of water in the mixer dictates how long it turns in one direction before stopping and changing direction.

Fresh Rainwater in the stirring machine

Note in the top right hand quadrant above there is a small green and brown projection into the water. This is the direction change mechanism.

The paddles creating the a vortex

The rotating water flicks a switch (the green/brown stick) into the direction of the moving water. This changes the polarity for the motor which will effect is rotating direction in the later step. Then as the outside edge of the water  rises it lifts a small float that turns off the power supply.

Chaos in the water as the stirring paddles change direction

The water continues to rotate and the vortex begins to drop in height. The on/off switch float drops low enough to turn on the power supply and the paddles begin to rotate in the opposite direction thanks to the green/brown polarity stick.

Because the water is still turning one way and the paddles in the opposite direction there is a lot of splashing creating a chaotic mess in the stirring machine. Effectively aerating the water.

Vortex forming once again

Eventually the water changes direction and a new vortex forms and the process is repeated. Forming the vortex and then the chaotic reversal takes about 30 seconds. The stirring process is timed for one hour and then an hour is allowed for distribution.

BD 500 is a preparation which is applied to the soil. The normal application process is to spray it out in large droplets. We walk around with 9 litre buckets and distribute it using a banister brush which provides the necessary droplet size.

This is a simplification of the process and there are many details omitted. The BD500 must stored in a particular manner. It should only be distributed under certain conditions and times. The materials used in stirring and spraying are from a limited choice of materials. And then of course there is the making of BD 500. Another long story.

Bio Dynamics is a large topic with many aspects and sometimes difficult to explain and understand.

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