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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Worm Farm and Compost

Jean needed some worm castings to add to a new bed she was preparing for some pretty shrubbery. She is building a sort of Hugelkulture bed for an Orange Blossom shrub which will provide protection from the Western Sun in our Provencal Garden where we have a table, chairs and umbrella. Just a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy a drink and look at the garden and the mountain behind us.

Well Protected from the Southern Winds

Soon to be Protected from The Western Sun

Looking North

She maintains the Worm Farm and tries to provide a healthy blend of material for them to consume. Lots of stuff from the kitchen and garden. The Farm has been in constant use for over 20 years.

The Worm Farm

There is a distinct difference between the output of the Worm Farm and that of a NZ Compost. The variation is not necessarily in the quality but almost entirely in the texture. The Worm Farm provides a thick putty like material which we mix with soil, potting mix and other compost when planting out new shrubs and trees.

The Worm's work

While the NZ compost is a coarser drier, crumbly compost.

NZ Composted material

I don't know if one is better than the other but it is handy to have more than one source of well broken down plant food.

Sometimes we forget we have the Worm Farm material which then provides us with a surprise backup of compost.

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