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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Making Camembert and Preserving Eggplant while waiting for the Camembert

Camembert is a pretty simple chees to make especially after you have done it a few times. Practice makes it simpler.

Today I used Cheeselinks Type B culture as opposed to Type A. Only because we had plenty in stock in the freezer. For some time I've used two white mould cultures which seem to ensure 100% success and a good end result.  They are Penicilium Candidum and Geotrichum Candidum

Our home made forms
Cake knife for cutting the curd

Filling the forms with a small sieve

Job done, will turn these a few times

Some of our forms a pretty tall. This is just so it takes up less space on the kitchen sink while draining. In the morning the taller cheeses will be sliced into two or more smaller cylinders before brining.

The time in the kitchen making cheese isn't fully occupied and Jean had pointed out that a miserable little Eggplant in the garden had produced a substantial crop of fruit. More than we could consume before over ripening.

Preserving the Italian Way by Pietro Demarco and Arnold Bonnet has been one of best finds in the preserving book world. Very simple and healthy methods without excessive salts, sugars or over cooking. And flavoursome.

Red wine Vinegar

We used a recipe we had tried before and made three small jars which will be excellent ether as adjuncts to some cheese or as topping to a Winter pizza.

There was no white wine vinegar about and I used Red Wine Vinegar instead. One of the by products of wine making is there are always some failures to turn into vinegar.

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