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Friday, October 25, 2013

A day off

A day off is when apart from all the things that have to be done you don't do anything special.

So across the river the cows were moved, some silage put out and the irrigator set up in a new run.

Our cattle got a little Lucerne hay to supplement the dry grass.

And then we went shopping in Raymond Terrace - all day. Nothing flash just a little dog food, some mushrooms which were particularly cheap and a few items for the pantry such as EVOO. Pickup some books and DVDs at the library, some banking got done and some parts for the 12 volt pump from the irrigation place.

Over to East Maitland to the organic store and pickup some Rye flour and enjoy a bought latte and a small slice of chocolate ganache minus the sugar (but with honey). We spotted some coconut milk ice cream and yogurt which we had tried at a friends one evening. It was exceedingly expensive but has inspired us to try and make both the ice cream and the yogurt. This coming weeks exploration. We have all the ingredients bar the Tapioca which we picked up while out. This should be fun.

While we were out we picked up a brand new irrigator for across the river to save the owner a special trip when he comes up this weekend. There is nothing like a hobby farmer and his toys.

Wandered around the giant hardware store and picked up a few items needed for running repairs and a few salad seedlings. We can germinate lettuce seed from plants that have gone to seed but germinating lettuce seeds from a packet eludes us. There is something wrong in our method and we don't know what.

And then home to feed the chickens, cats and dogs, duck over the river and move the irrigator and then back for a meal some wine and watch a DVD.

A day off.

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