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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yogurt, Cleaning Bottles, Mortar and Pestle, Sourdough Pasta

Chilled the yogurt made yesterday in the spare refrigerator and then started the draining process just before lunch. This batch looks a bit watery but we'll see what the yield will be. The liquid will go to soaking the chooks grain and the thicker yogurt texture is much nicer. I like mine a little softer than Jean. she prefers it almost like Labna.
The first batch draining
Removed labels of a batch of bottles and put them into the dishwasher for a final sterilisation. Soaking them for 24 hours before hand makes the label removal reasonably easy when scraping with a sharp knife. We don't use that knife for anything else and don't recommend you use your best best kitchen knife as the constant friction with glass is not the best thing for the blade.
Last bottle soaking
This works well
Normally we make our own pasta using freshly ground wholemeal flour. Our favourite recipe involves using eggs. Just out of curiosity it would be interesting to see what a sourdough pasta would be like. Using two cups of Jean's sourdough starter and the basic pasta recipe which doesn't involve eggs a batch was mixed. Will leave it until tomorrow night before attempting to roll it out. Looks a little soft and may need a little more flour to take away the stickiness. We'll see.
Sourdough pasta mix
Mentioned in an earlier blog was a Broad Bean Bruschetta made simply with Broad Beans, Garlic, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper. The Mortar and Pestle we use is the biggest one we could find in a Sydney Asian food store. It was dirt cheap and is very heavy but has become indispensable for mashing up big batches. We keep it on a special (very sturdy) shelf under the marble pastry stand.

You can judge the size by the space it takes up on the kitchen sink

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