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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We didn't rush out of bed. It was still cool and it was going to be long day. Get rest while you can.

Before the wind started we got the all the vegetables watered. Both pumps running and fuel beside the pumps ready for a top up. Spraying a little water around the hayshed as it is not defendable in a fire. Only three sides are enclosed and it is too far from the house to be given a lot of  attention.

All the hoses are set up around the house with nozzles attached. Both of us carry out favourite spray nozzle with our fire fighting gear. The chickens are left locked up and fine sprays are set up overhead to keep them cool. We reviewed our fire plans and action list. Some of the tasks such covering down pipes (the gutters will be filled with dam water and the down pipes go to drinking water) are done early as they will not take long to undo if not needed and do not impact on normal activity.

A quick trip across the river to move some cows and calves and make sure they have access to dam water if the power fails. The irrigator is set up for a long run.

Back home for breakfast. Jean is still finishing off the veranda. I would have done a slap dash job and taken a couple of hours. She is more thorough and it takes much longer.

The wind has come up and it is hot and dry at 11 am. The workshop is probably not defendable. Although it is closer to the house it is the house that will get all the attention. I'll fill the gutters, shut the door and there is a long hose running down to the workshop in case.

If we ever have to replace the water system around the property I'm definitely going for the big fat 18mm hoses and fittings and the appropriately sized distribution pipes. Probably need a bigger pump? maybe get a big one as backup and just use a small one for everyday use.

Just to rub it in the pond has a serious leak. We left the water pump off overnight and found the pond half empty this morning. Another bloody job which will take days.

After midday. Fires at Minmi but around us it is all clear. The bees are loving the weather. Never seen so much activity in the hive. They must have found a source of nectar.

Fire at Dudley.

The heat of the day and the activity takes its toll and I have a nap at 2.30 on the lounge with the local radio reporting on fires in the background.

Late in the afternoon the Heatherbrae fire breaks out again but in a small way near Raymond Terrace.

All goes well for us and we have had a run through of the fire procedure. And the veranda is spotless.

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