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Monday, October 7, 2013

Sourdough Biscuits and other things

Being a public holiday meant the owners across the river were onsite and we had a day off.

Jean had put together a sourdough bread but it failed to rise which meant rather than feed it to the chooks I turned it into savoury biscuits. Plain, Fennel seed, Sesame seed and caraway.

Went down to the workshop yesterday to run the generator for 20 minutes - a monthly chore to ensure it is working. Rather than move it outside I started it in situ but it would only run for a minute and conk out. Today with more time it was dragged out into the light and the air filter checked for mud wasp nests, the fuel bowl drained and cleaned and a thorough overall check. It was then I noticed the fuel on/off switch was in the off position. It ran well after that.

Harvested some more coffee beans and at each opportunity spent a little time shelling the previously dried beans. This is a tedious job but I'm committed to making at least one batch of our own coffee. Finished the shelling while watching a Annabel Langbein DVD that evening.

As usual, it is Monday and a fast day all day from our morning tea/coffee until dinner time. That doesn't prevent us from doing a dozen laps in the pool, 30 minutes of Aquarobics and a HIT session.

With the moon still in the right place bottling continued with another 4 dozen bottles. This time it was 36 litres of Petit Verdot. We had a bottle with dinner in the evening (what diet?) and found it really very good as a varietal. It is normally blended with other varieties but we prefer the unique individual flavours. So we aren't connoisseurs.

The weather continues to be dry and we have started the watering program again with both pumps working on the dam. I never have a problem with them as I don't turn off the fuel.

Some weeks a go we were given a largish pen which had been used to house broody hens and thus get them out of the busy laying boxes. The mesh in parts was badly rusted and today we finished replacing all the damaged sections. It now just needs a little rust proof paint and will be ready for action.

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