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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Protecting the crop

The bulk of the day was spent in the vegetable garden. Thanks to the rain the irrigators across the river are off and the only work is moving and feeding cows. Hopefully the rain will result in some grass growth and the hand feeding will cease soon as well. The reduction in outside work has freed up a lot of time.

Transplanted some climbing bean seedlings that had germinated. A couple of melon seeds and a Zucchini had also came good and they went out to the unprotected bed on the hill but with some chicken wire barriers. Anything that looked salvageable that had been nibbled also received a protective barrier. Back in the house garden some potatoes went in. Despite the rabbit and wallaby activity the unprotected bed on the hill looks pretty reasonable.

On the right the pumpkins are well advanced but the melons are a bit slow probably because of the cool mornings

The tomatoes are doing well

The house gardens are a little overgrown as we wait for various things to set seed but there was plenty of choice last night for dinner. Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, Onion, Carrot and lots of salad variety.

The chickens were left locked up until lunchtime to get them to scratch around in the new litter. The cow manure proved the most popular side.

Finally got around to picking up all the bags of manure that had been collected and left in the front paddock. Some will go to the chooks and some to a new bed for the Passionfruit vine bought a couple of weeks ago.

Just a few of the bags of manure from a the cattle after one week in the front paddock

Started using the compost turned a few weeks ago. A bit early but it looks delicious and we needed some for the new plantings.

Brined the Camembert for 90 minutes and put them into their humidicribs for aging. Since I was in the kitchen for a little time also made some chocolate bars with roasted peanuts and toasted coconut shreds. Also made one plain for Jean to use in brownies.

Another one of those productive days where lots of jobs get done and you seem like you might just be catching up and the feeling of being overwhelmed dissipates.

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