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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Washing Chooks and the results of dry weather

Jean has commenced a program of washing the worst of the chooks. This is our oldest rooster who will be put in the isolation pen with Light Lomi for a few days.

Light Sussex rooster in an embarrassing position

A better angle

And finishing off

The dry weather has been great for fruit set and we were looking forward to a bumper year. But as it happens other things come to pass. Fruit Bats have been visiting at night and ripping open the paper exclusion bags. So next year it will have to be Cotton bags on these.

Fruit Bat damaged exclusion bags on the Tropical Nectarine

Out in the paddock Summer bed the dry weather has meant there is little feed for Wallabies and Rabbits. And that makes our cultivated plants very attractive. All bar one Capsicum has been eaten, The Dill was popular and the Okra. Very young Corn is a target although after it gets past a certain stage it is not attractive to predators.

So that is nature two steps forward and one step back. The next planting out will have a cage around it.

Wallaby damaged Corn

Damaged Capsicum - Rabbits or Wallabies


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