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Friday, October 4, 2013


Who's idea was it to go to the pool this morning?

Yesterday was overcast, then there was a slight drizzle of rain, a brief hail storm and some more drizzling. Temperatures remained low all day unlike the 32 C of the previous day. The result is a swimming pool with water at 20 C.

The pool manager looked surprised we were there at 8 am and bemused. Jean didn't hear the manager's comment about it being only 20 C and proceeded to go in. I stood at the deep end preparing to dive in but hesitating in case Jean showed some sense and called it off. She didn't. Just a firm statement about how cold it was and in she went.

I reminded myself that in previous Winter's when doing laps in Newcastle's ocean baths the temperatures had been between 14 C and 17 C most days. When you dive in the shock is horrendous but if the heart doesn't stop it is only a matter of doing a few very fast laps and all is almost fine. At 20 C it is one quick lap. At lower temperatures it is a few more and a head cap is required to stem the loss of body heat (and stop the ears hurting).

So in it was and a very fast lap (heart still working).

On Tuesday we did 12 warm up laps and then worked our way through the various Aqua exercises at 30 second intervals. As the season progresses it will change to 60 seconds. Arm strengthening movements. Then the leg strengthening and finally the lower back. By the time we finished the fingers were tingling as the body loses heat. Today it was too cold to stay in the water that long and there was agreement to do the 12 laps then the HIT and some stretches.

We have incorporated HIT i.e. High Intensity Training where we punch out in the water as fast as we can for 20 seconds then rest and recover for a minute or so then repeat twice more. This is also known as interval training. It is supposed to be very good for reducing the risk of diabetes and there is some but not fully confirmed evidence that it may lower blood pressure and improve lipids.

So HIT it was and then the various stretches and out of the water. I find the long slow stretches really beneficial in loosening up after exercise.

The Women's change room has hot showers but the men's does not. I shared Jean's shower today.

Then home to a normal day of waxing the Parmesan made earlier in the week and starting another Roquefort. A little gardening and a little paid work Finishing off the day with drinks and cheese outside in the last of the sun. Dinner was crispy skin fish, salad and potatoes in Rosemary and Garlic and a bottle of our own Chambourcin.

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