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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Exercise - Progression

Things are advancing well. Slowly we are adding more laps to our warm up routine each day from 12 to 14 yesterday and 16 today followed by Aquarobics.

The Aquarobics is:

4 leg exercises for each leg for 30 seconds each.
6 arm exercises for each arm for 30 seconds each.
7 lower back exercises for 30 seconds each.

The HIT (High Intensity Training) has been three 20 second sessions of running and punching out with the hands under the water as fast as possible. Yesterday we went further. The 20 seconds went to 25 seconds and instead of a series of three went increased to four. The rest period in between depends. Usually its about a minute or two to get the breath back but if one of us is wearing the heart rate monitor we wait until the rate drops to 100 before performing the next interval.

Each interval pushes the heart rate higher e.g. first interval following the normal aquarobic program the rate starts about 85-90 and goes to 130, the second interval it goes from 100 to 140+, the third sequence 100 to 150+ and also for the fourth interval. Jean must be fitter (or she is bludging) because her heart went to a maximum of 141 on the last session.

There are 8 stretches covering the legs, back, arms and neck to finish off. This is roughly about 40 minutes in the water - at 23 C today. The fingers get a bit numb at that temperature.

This is a good work out.

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