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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Just as well yesterday was such a productive day because today was lousy. Hot winds all day gusting up to 80 km. Quite a few of the bags on the fruit trees came off, mainly the paper bags. The cotton bags are a bit more resilient. Weed mat sections blew down the paddock. One of the grape vines growing on the pergola came down. Undamaged and can be re-erected.

One of the many bags to be picked up

White grape shading the kitchen window down

The automatic watering system is useless in these conditions. A lot of hand watering required. The vineyard has drippers and it was able to be watered for an hour. A few snapped pieces new growth but most survived without excessive damage.

Used the wind as an excuse to stay inside and make some ported prunes. Just dried prunes (8 KG) into small clip lock jars (ex-anchovies in EVOO) and topped up with our port blend from the barrel.

Stockpile of ported prunes

Port Barrel now in need of topping up

Some of the breeding groups have laid eggs and the incubator is back in action.

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