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Friday, October 18, 2013

The day after all the wind

This is our valley this morning. Not fog or mist just smoke.

All the wind is gone and the watering commences. Everything gets a good soak ready for another hot day (hopefully minus the wind) on Monday.

The nearest fire to us is Heatherbrae about 30 kilometres away. It is a difficult one to put out but at least it has been down graded with the cooler temperatures and less wind. A bit worried that it will take a long time to extinguish as there is more hot weather on the way.

Listening to the local emergency radio 1233 we hear from people who were forced to evacuate and either slept in cars or at emergency shelters. One woman slept in her car with her children and 20 animals. Busting to know what animals. Sounds a bit crowded.

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