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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Did Almost Nothing Today

First up went over to the dairy farm and collected 20 litres of milk and on the way home stopped in at our work place across the river to move the cows and calves and check on the weaners. Cut up a freshly fallen green Poplar and brought it back in the trailer to use for a future Hugulkultur bed.

Home early to bottle some milk and start making Fetta as we were on our last container. We use Fetta everyday in our evening salad. Fetta is a really easy cheese to make and not much time needs to spent in the kitchen. But what little time that is spent is maximised. Put on a tray of peanuts in their skins to roast as a precursor to making chocolate bars later.

Jean headed off across the river to harrow some paddocks and I spread some collected cow manure around various yard trees and used up the bulk of the silage bale (chain sawed into segments yesterday) to provide a heavy mulch over the manure.

Back in the kitchen to attend to the Fetta and while there made three different batches of sauerkraut. The usual and favourite Caraway seed, a small trial batch of Fennel seed and a small batch of seaweed.

Fennel seed flavoured sauerkraut

The Asparagus bed got a weeding yesterday and we will not harvest anymore this season so on went a good covering of chicken litter from the chook pen to encourage some good growth.

In the kitchen again to finish of the Fetta and made a few different batches of chocolate bar. Using roasted coconut chips and roasted peanuts in each batch but increased the amount of cocoa powder to see how it would turn out. In the third batch even more cocoa powder was added and a very thin bar was poured without nuts and coconut chips.

Light pressing for the Fetta

Back outside spent a bit of time putting more cotton bags onto the various fruit trees. The Williams and Packham Pears have prolific fruit but the Beurre Bosc has surprisingly little. I wonder if this is its year off. The tropical Apple had yet more bags added. It is certainly the most prolific producer.

Finished off harvesting a few potatoes from plants that had died back and noted that some of the Garlic varieties are in need of harvesting. Phew, I was worried there was nothing to do tomorrow.

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